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Importance of College Degrees

The author of this report is going to answer a question posed towards him about working towards and earning a college degree. Indeed, many people actively and enthusiastically tout the benefits and typically optimal outcomes of attaining a college degree. However, one must often take on significant challenges and burdens during and after the completion of an academic degree. These challenges can include student loan debt, difficulty in juggling all life obligations and whether or not a job will even be available in the desired field of work once a student completes their college degree. While attaining a college degree bodes well for most entering professional life, it is not assured to anyone doing so that success will follow.

College Degree Analysis

Academic Degree

There are a number of factors that indicate how much a person will benefit as a result of gaining an academic degree. The author of this report shall focus on three in particular. Those three factors are industry demand, personal motivation and picking the right major. Many college students are graduating to find that there are little to no openings for people of their industry, talent or level of experience. Indeed, an academic degree can open many doors in the modern business arena but it is not a fix-all that guarantees success. This is especially true when speaking of industries and majors that are floundering in the United States such as manufacturing. A person should absolutely try to do what they love for a living but they should also understand that the demand for their preferred skills and work type may not be what they think or want them to be.

Another key to an employee or prospective employee is motivation. Having the piece of paper to hang on the wall is nice and heart-warming. However, that alone will not get or keep a job because the employer will typically expect a sizeable and concerted effort from the employee. Indeed, if a company’s investment in an employee is a losing proposition, there is little to no motivation to keep the employee with the firm even if they have a master’s degree in business or another typically lucrative degree. Finally, there is the consideration of which major to choose. This one neatly dovetails and is related to the other two. There are majors out there that are highly demanding of fresh and intelligent graduates. Examples include computer information technology, accounting and engineering (Forbes). It is true that working extremely hard and being fastidious in a degree field that may be trailing off can work out. However, it is usually less than wise to pursue a degree field that is faltering or low in current and projected future demand.

College Degree - Conclusion

Everyone should be allowed and permitted to go their own way in life. Loving one’s career is a huge plus in life. However, there are some struggles that can be avoided fairly easily and choosing the right college, career mindset and skill set is definitely one of those. People should find a happy center in their college and ensuing career that allows them to enjoy and love what they do while at the same time not residing in an industry that is contracting. Lastly, an academic degree can certainly help but the degree alone will not guarantee success for anyone. It is imperative to be dedicated, forward-thinking and willing to respond when the career market changes. Recessions, changes in technology and changes in culture can all have a chilling effect on one’s job prospects. As such, it pays both literally and figuratively to pay more attention and be vigilant about one’s future, college degree or not.


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