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Education and Language of Technology


This is the age of technology. Starting from the online poker to the online distance education, everything is so entwined with the concept and usage of high-end technology nowadays. This is the 21st century, where the language of communication (whether it's English or other language) is looking forward to get globalized and the use of internet technology is being a big facilitator for that concern.

Better means of technology improves the level of exchange of communication and thus, helps in the breeding of a global community with a coordinated and applicable knowledge base. In fact, it can be easily corroborated in today's world, that without technology, nothing can exist. Even the sci-fi film that you loved so much the previous weekend, the cricket match being broadcasted on TV and the instant stock market score that you get updated on the internet is still technology. So, we can understand the importance of technology in our daily life.

Technology is something that increases the level of convenience and comfort, and thus, it will always get more entangled into our daily lifestyle whether we want it or not. That is the prophecy to come true.

English Language


Education of a child is one of the most important task and activity in anyone's life. This is because unless the child is educated, he would not be properly equipped to take on the socio-economic, multicultural duties and responsibilities that are supposed to be entrusted and imposed upon him. Education teaches him how to correspond to the challenges of the daily life, and how to work along with the coworkers to achieve a certain goal. For this reason, millions of dollars are allocated as investment on education by the government, kenning the significance of that in the lives of the community.

And technology becomes a major part of one's education today. Why? It is for the same reason that technology brings about in every aspect of our lives, namely, convenience and scope. It has come a long way from the age of the typewriters, the projectors and the telephones ("Teachers Network") to the age of internet, instant messengers and email. More we are gliding to the time of instant exchange of information, thoughts and ideas. It is contradictory whether it has really helped us or not, as posed by some critics, who want to go with the traditional methods of teaching.

Whether technology really helps in the learning of students can be treated as a controversial manner, but according to the school test records and direct opinions of the students, technology sure had an impact on the schooling system, and perhaps that is in the direction of positivity. In this paper, we would look into the present situation why technology has become a necessity for our society education. It is almost impossible to do the education without technology nowadays. Moreover, we would also see how it is getting stronger into the system day by day.

Importance of Technology in Classroom

To understand the importance of technology, we have to understand the young generation in the first place. We are not talking about the baby boomers generation, the older generation who were just starting to see the advent of technology in their lives through the telephone, television or the new automobile. We are talking about the latest new generation who are born into the world of technology. Since they were being fed with the spoons, they have been fiddling with the latest technology forms and now it has become part of their lives. They have always been tampering with MySpace and now they are spending more than half of their time in Facebook. Around 21 million youth between the ages of 12-17 are heavily into internet, spending more time than they are on TV. So, this is the ratio of youth who are into internet and technology ("Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement").

We have seeing more trends in the handhelds, PDAs, iPhones, which have made the level of exchange of communication between the youths much quicker and fun. One stark example will be the mini-blogging site, Twitter. It is primarily for updating your statuses on the internet. This shows the requirement and entertainment found by youths in keeping in touch with one another and their indulgement with the technology. This is found even in the classroom and study system as well. Most of the homework would be done through discussions over the instant messengers, and searching up most of the material in the internet.

Of the total 21 million online teenagers, it has been found that a whopping 16 million (78 percent) use internet at their school, which boils down to around 68 percent in the total number of teenagers. In one study, it showed that over 70 percent use internet for their school projects while a 34 percent find the study aides over internet useful. According to the US Census Bureau a 57 percent use computer for their home assignments and around a 78 percent of the online teenagers use the latest communication tools to discuss the homework, tests and schoolwork.

It can be pretty much understood that technology forms a big part of the education system and the teen world nowadays. And if we are to look at its positive side, the following advantages can be discerned.

1. Faster Communication - Sometimes, we need instant exchange of information, thoughts and ideas. More time could actually disrupt the schedule of a plan and thus, we need to contact the other person instantly. This is only possible with the latest technology.

2. Shared Discussion - Why the concept of shared discussion is so important? Unless, you contact each other for information, it is very hard to decide the most updated information. So, it is crucial that you contact each other for the most updated and relevant information on the subject you are studying.

3. Unified Approach - The importance of teamwork ability has been understood over the time. So, to build upon a unified teamwork, exchange of communication is so necessary, which can only be possible with the latest telecommunication technology. This helps to build cooperation and coordination between the functioning of the students.

4. Practical Application - A student when he goes out of college will surely have to cope with the ever-changing technology and thus, it is understandable that during the college days, it is wise to mold him for his future ahead.


Technology is a part of our lives now, and it would be really hard to even imagine our lives without technology, suppose, the air conditioner, room heater, mobile phones and so forth. And the importance of technology has pervaded into the lives of the young generation in a greater way far more than it is in the lives of the older generation. Thus is the importance of technology in the classroom.

If we are to educate the youngsters, we have to do that in their way. So, we have to incorporate the technology in the classroom, which will help in the better understanding, cooperation and broadness of the student's mind.

For faster communication, shared updated information with a unified approach to any project or problem, education can be an enjoyable process, and not some boring tedious affair that a student has to tolerate every day of his life. Moreover, as education is a way of instilling a student with knowledge and not only with knowledge, proper education should prepare the student with the skills to take on the jobs and responsibility when he goes out of college in the real world. In the real world, he surely needs to work with the latest technology and thus, it is useful that he learns how to use his knowledge in collaboration with the latest technology at hand. That helps in creating a synergy in the functioning of his mind and thus builds up the efficiency of the person.

Whether the introduction of technology has been a boon or bane to the society is not the question here and not what we have discussed in the paper here. But we have to understand that whether good or bad, it is a part of us now. Sooner we learn how to accept it and redirect it to our advantage, faster we are going to reap the benefits in the future.


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