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What if a College Degree Doesn't Guarantee Success - Should Students Give Up on Academic Research?

Personal satisfaction and the amount of wealth an individual has amassed through whatever means are the primary measures of success. Many are the times people with degrees fail to string even meaningful thoughts. There is another trend of very successful people who didn't attend college or are college drop outs. In fact, most of the wealthiest people in 21st century are college drop outs. Some people succeed in fields that are unrelated to their degrees. It is the application of knowledge learnt in college that can make a person successful. In my view, such cases occur because college education can be a source of livelihood but does not guarantee success.

College Degree

Tertiary learning institutions give degrees papers as certification of a scholastic achievement. There is a significant difference between class content and real world applications. Employers look for skills and for willing learners who can add value to their organizations. It is for this reason that college degrees do not guarantee jobs. Even though there are high paying degrees, some degrees are less marketable than others. The former statement may suggest that low paying degrees have little success prospects but, on the contrary, personal desires determine degree choice and success chances. The fact is that to achieve a successful career; all a person needs is education, ambition, hard work and willingness to learn. However, in modern times degree has become a key to many companies. Having a degree increases the probability of getting hired but that doesn't guarantee success. Successful career entails satisfaction of a person's achievement. Many people believe that an education leads to a successful life, but a careful thought reveals otherwise. While pursuing degrees, many people believe that they will be able to secure jobs and earn. The conclusion is that if there were an easier to earn many people would not go to college.

Education is a critical factor for any successful career. Education can be self-directed, informal, formal, on-job training and professional certifications and licenses. Many people don't accept the fact that a person doesn't need a degree to succeed. Nevertheless there are many careers where having a degree is not a requirement. However, results, years of learning and hard work are a major requirement. Actors, athletes and musicians are some of the professionals who don't need to go through degree programs, but need practice, training and hard work to succeed. In fact, the amount of effort the listed professionals need to succeed exceeds the traditional four-year degree period. There are many untold stories of electricians, plumbers and mechanics among other professions who have become successful business owners by investing finances earned from their skills. Every other day people need electricians, landscapers and dozens of other careers that do not require degrees. Even though progress may be slow, patience, hard work and ambition are important for anyone determined to succeed in life.

I do not recommend scrapping of university degrees or not focusing on education. I have two degrees, bachelors and a master's degree, and I advocate the provision of college education to many people. However, some people should not go to college because college doesn't provide them with a platform to develop their skills and career aspirations. Success shouldn't be reliant on a degree, a piece of paper. Success is the outcome of actions taken to achieve goals and dreams in life. If a degree is what a certain individual needs to succeed, then he or she should pursue it. If all another individual needs is just a license or certification, then he or she should be given a chance to pursue his/her dreams. Since a college degree is not suitable for everyone, career advisers should emphasize more on skills development than over rating college.

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