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Academic Writer - A Sample Biography Statement

Life is short. It is so short that in a blink of an eye, we are in the real world with only a degree and lots of potential. Does it really matter how we get there? I've been in the real world for a while and I can say that as long as you show up with a degree, no one is going to care how you got it. That is how you, the client, should feel when it comes to using my services. I am a freelance writer and a very good one. I'm a great writer because I understand that this is a business, just like anything else. Just like any other worker, I show up with my tools of the trade: understanding, knowledge, and respect. The key to my success begins with those three principles.

Writer Biography

Writing at this level involves a basic understanding of real life issues. Fundamentally, this is a business. I understand that the client is always right because the client sits in a classroom in front of the professor or employer. Therefore, I follow all instructions given by the client. Clients need their product by the deadline given. My opinion about topic choices and points of view don't matter. If I have a problem with an order's topic choice or position, then I won't offer my services. Clients need their product to be great. They want their professors to consider their work to be worthy of the highest marks. When I write it, it is worthy of the highest marks.

One should never consider being a writer on this level without knowledge, and how to get more of it. I have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry as well as four semesters of medical school. I've spent a lot of time and money pursuing knowledge. I can read a 250 page book on any subject in five hours. If the subject is one that I am familiar with beforehand, I can cut my reading down to two hours. The subjects that are my specialties require very little reading. The more you know, the more successful you will be. For example, I have a degree in Chemistry, but I have minors in history and biology and coursework in mathematics, philosophy and art. This would all be worthless if I didn't know where to find more. I use search engines, college, and hospital databases to find what I need to be successful and earn your trust, and hopefully, your respect.

Many people don't view this as genuine writing and don't respect people like me that are willing to do this. I think these people are idiots, and you should too. I have yet to walk onto a job site and explain a scene from Macbeth. I have not been asked by any employer to dissect a frog or give my opinion of a Dadaist era painting. It will not happen to you either. I respect my clients because they have the presence of mind to find a writer for subjects they will never see again. I respect the writer who can explain Physics in 4 pages with in test citations in APA style.

Academic writing is not for everyone. I do it for three reasons. First, I am well paid for my knowledge. Second, I love to write. The last reason is that it keeps me relevant. I am good at it because I understand what is required. I am not here to pass judgment on anyone. This is not for the soft at heart. The best writer is the writer that understands the respect that knowledge brings. I am that person.