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After Graduation - Are College Graduates' Skills and Knowledge Enough in Today's Economy?

College graduates do not have the skills needed for today's economy because they are not prepared for real world circumstances that they may face in an everyday work environment. The following will discuss why this issue has arose and steps that can be taken to solve the issue.

Students today are forced to learn by sitting in a classroom listening to an instructor's lecture. While many lectures are beneficial and contain important information, statistics and facts about a certain topic, it does not prepare the student to be able to deal with an issue first hand. Many students do not even listen to the instructor while they are talking and if they do, they may not absorb everything that they are saying. Many students also skip lectures and only learn from the text what they have to so that they pass the exam. Although some instructors require attendance, this philosophy is being abandoned with the onset of technology.

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Tests in college are very rarely comprehensive. They do not quiz the students on how to deal with an issue, instead they are quizzed on facts from the text and lecture. Students "flash" memorize everything for the test so they know the answers and then shortly after, forget everything that they memorized. This does not put them in a mindset to be able to go into the workforce and deal with an issue when it arises. It teaches them nothing but facts about their area of study and then relies on the student to use that information to make a decision.

One of the ways this issue could be fixed is if the lectures were more interactive. The instructor should be including the students in the lecture with a question and answer instead of just sitting in front of the class talking for hours. He should be giving the students scenarios that they would be put into in the workforce so that they would have to critically think and come up with an answer on how they would react to the situation.

Another way that the issue could be fixed is if there were more "at work" programs during college. The students should be put into the field that they have chosen so they can see real life environment of their area of study. This would give the student a better idea of what to expect and would prepare them better for being in the workforce.

College graduates should also learn to be versatile and diversified in technology. Technology requirements should be passed before graduation so that every graduate understands computers and mobile data. In today's economy, it is important to be able to be up to date on technology because that usually gives a company an edge in their business and if their employees do not know how to use the technology than they will lag behind their competition.

Finally, students are not taught about the economy unless they are in that area of study. Every college graduate should be taught how to balance a checkbook, how to create a budget and how to save for retirement. They should learn the basics of investing and understand how the economy works. Every field should have a requirement to take an economics class so that they understand what is going on in the country's economy and how it affects their particular area of study. Without this knowledge, they do not understand why jobs are coming and going and in today's world, many people stay at a job for an average of two years. College graduates should be taught to expect this and to learn to be adaptive to new positions at new companies regularly.

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